Here at Street of Clans, we want the whole family to get in on the fun! So we’ve curated a list of kid-friendly activities that’s great for all ages. Whether you’re five or fifty-five, there’s definitely an activity in here that will spark joy in your inner child. 




Heritage Trail Around Bukit Pasoh, by Grassroots Bookroom

Looking for a fun, physical activity to get the whole family moving while learning something new? The Bukit Pasoh Heritage Trail organised by Grassroots Bookroom is just what the doctor ordered. This one-hour walk takes participants around Bukit Pasoh, while revealing little known stories of the street, such as the fact that it used to be part of a nutmeg orchard! Lined with traditional shophouses that are home to tenants that run the gamut from clan associations to restaurants and gyms, this walk is a great way to stir your kids’ interest in Singapore’s history. There’s also a hands-on opportunity for them to design their very own shophouses using custom hand-carved rubber stamps during a crafting session at Grassroots Bookroom at the end of the walk.

9 March, Sat, 5 - 6.30pm. $20/kid (includes an adult chaperone). Contact Grassroots Bookroom at 6337 9208 to secure a spot.



Sea the Light Lantern-making Workshop, by Lighting Detectives

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s the Lighting Detectives! Back again this year with their crowd-favourite installation, Sea the Light, come get creative with the whole family decorating your own lanterns, before releasing them into the dark sea of the alleyway at Bukit Pasoh. Put away the phones and tablets, and show your kids the magic of what happens when the sun goes down, and the lanterns start glowing. This free workshop is family-friendly and great for all ages.

8 March, Fri, half-hourly slots from 6 to 9pm @ The alley joining Bukit Pasoh Road and Duxton Plain Park. Free. Register here.



Let the Good Times Roll, by To The Power Of

Get the ball rolling at this interactive installation, which invites visitors to participate by using balls to complete tiny quests that activate audio and kinetic elements. To see the installation in its full glory, visitors have to work together to activate its various elements. Teamwork is the name of the game here — the more people working together, the more satisfying the end result. With lights, music, and many a moving part, this highly sensorial experience will definitely keep the kids entertained.

8 – 10 March @ Koh Clan. Free, no registration required.



Boat Painting Community Art

We’ve left some of BetaBeta’s boats uncoloured, so you and your kids can grab a paintbrush and let your imagination run loose! Let the kids mix colours, paint outside the lines, and hone their inner Picassos by adding their mark to these boats.

8 March, 5 - 8pm; 9 and 10 March from 11am - 1pm and 2.30 - 4.30pm. Free, no registration required.




Handbuilding Pottery, by Studio Asobi

Come play with clay! Pull up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty together handbuilding your very own pasohs (pottery). Studio Asobi’s husband-and-wife team, Kenneth and Huiwen, will guide you and the kids on how to use ancient pottery handbuilding techniques to transform a mere lump of clay into a cup, bowl, or utensil of your desire.

This workshop is a stimulating hands-on activity, that encourages kids to let their imagination and creativity run wild with their creations. You can also take the opportunity to impart the importance of teamwork by roping the kids in to create a unique set of bowls for family dinner. Experience the joy of creating with your bare hands, and help the kids learn to treasure things and live with less in our modern throwaway culture. This workshop is great for families with kids aged 7 and up. No prior pottery experience required.

*Pottery-making involves 2 rounds of firing before it can be a functional piece. A 3 to 4-week wait is necessary before your creation can be collected from Studio Asobi’s home studio.

9 March, Sat, 11 am – 12.30pm @ The Working Capitol. $83. Get tickets here.



Capture Treasured Memories Journaling Workshop, by Chen Pooi Chin

 “Mummy, what was grandpa’s job when he was young?”

Kids are curious about the people they love. Help answer their burning family questions by participating together in this journaling workshop organised by Chin Kang Huay Kuan! Hosted by journaling maestro, Chen Pooi Chin, learn the basics of starting a journal, and the different tips and tricks to decorating your journal so it becomes a beautiful keepsake. Explore the stories in your family with your kids, and help them capture it on paper so that the tales live on. What’s more, your completed family journal can be entered into Chin Kang Huay Kuan’s inaugural Family Heritage Stories Journaling Competition, for a chance to win some lovely prizes.

This workshop is best suited for kids ages 12 and up.

9 March, Sat, 2 – 4pm @ Chin Kang Huay Kuan. $20. Get tickets here.

Emma Wong