Got a weekend to spare? Like vintage things? Like modern things? Like learning how they can come together in an ageless fusion? Then we’ve got just the workshops for you here at Street of Clans. From giving a mean commentary on the Bordeaux you just took a sip of, brushing up on your Peranakan cuisine knowledge, to hand-sculpting your very own clay pottery, these workshops are the perfect way to pick up a new skill while learning the old tales behind them.



Handbuilding Pottery, by Studio Asobi

Great for:

Craft lovers, or those in need of clay-sculpting’s therapeutic benefits. Suitable for attendees ages 7 and up. No prior pottery experience required.


Ever find yourself wandering around a home goods store, stumbling across ceramics, and marvelling at its exquisite craftsmanship? Here’s your chance to be craftsperson for a day! Let Studio Asobi transport you back in time as they teach you how to craft a pasoh (pottery) with your own bare hands. Using ancient pottery handbuilding techniques, get ready to transform a mere lump of clay into a cup for your morning coffee, vase for your basil plant, or whatever your imagination can dream up. Even learn how you can personalise your creation so it’s one-of-a-kind. As Studio Asobi co-founder, Huiwen, illuminates, "In the olden days, people treasure the little they have and would repair what was broken. In our modern throwaway culture, we tend to generate more waste and make unnecessary purchases. It is a great joy to discover how fun it is to be able to make something with your own hands and realise that one can live with less."

9 March, Sat, 11am - 12.30pm, and 2pm - 3.30pm @ The Working Capitol. $83. Get tickets here.

*Pottery-making involves 2 rounds of firing before it can be a functional piece. A 3 to 4-week wait is necessary before your creation can be collected from Studio Asobi’s home studio.



Capture Treasured Memories Journaling Workshop, by Chen Pooi Chin

Great for:

Journaling enthusiasts, story collectors, budding authors or those wanting to pen their family stories down in a neat history journal.


Remember that crazy story of how your grandpa did this wild thing and bumped into that famous person at some fantastical place? You would if you’d written it down! To coincide with their inaugural Family Heritage Stories Journaling Competition, Chin Kang Huay Kuan has invited journaling maestro, Chen Pooi Chin, to guide you through the process of creating your very own family journal. Follow along as she delivers a 101 on journaling, and imparts her own tips and tricks on handling different paper types, writing instruments, and decorations. Come rediscover your roots, and learn how to tastefully capture your family history, so those wonderful stories of yonder don’t get lost in time.

9 March, Sat, 2pm – 4pm @ Chin Kang Huay Kuan. $20. Get tickets here.


A Fresh Taste of Peranakan Cuisine, by Candlenut’s Chef Malcolm Lee

Great for:

Fans of Candlenut, those who enjoy a good Ayam Buah Keluak, those curious to try an Ayam Buah Keluak or really, anyone who loves food.


Peranakan food, old-fashioned? Psshaw! says Chef Malcolm Lee. Join him as he demonstrates his contemporary approach to this traditional style of food, while regaling you with the colourful history behind each dish. Expect to experience a whole new perspective of cooking, as Chef Malcolm walks you through unique techniques and ingredients that Candlenut employs to achieve their elevated take on Peranakan food (p.s. they got a Michelin star for it). Come see what he means when he says “being traditional is actually modern ”.  

9 March, Sat, 5pm - 6pm @ Straits Clans. $72. Get tickets here.



Poetry in a Bottle, by The Wine & Gourmet Friends

Great for:

Aspiring wine connoisseurs, or those seeking to add a little more pizzazz into their liquid social life.


Don’t know if Cabernet goes better with meat or seafood? Let sommelier and managing director of The Wine & Gourmet Friends, William Seah, school you on the basics of wine appreciation in this free 90-minute workshop, as he teaches you how to taste wine like a professional. Now you can comment “Ah, what lovely chocolate notes”, and actually mean it after taking a sip of the Malbec the maitre d’ poured into your glass. Also learn how to select the perfect bottle of wine to your taste buds’ liking. Come deepen your knowledge of wine, and understand why it’s affectionately referred to as ‘poetry in a bottle’.

*Attendees must be of legal age to consume alcohol, i.e. 18 years and above. Both sessions of the workshop are free but capped at a maximum of 20 participants each.

9 March, Sat, 4pm - 5.30pm, and 10 March, 4pm - 5.30pm @ The Wine & Gourmet Friends. Free. Register here.



Heritage Trail Around Bukit Pasoh, by Grassroots Bookroom

Great for:

Families and local history buffs.


Did you know that Bukit Pasoh was actually first known as Ryan’s Hill, and has since been renamed not one, but four times? The street was even part of a nutmeg orchard at one point! Let Bukit Pasoh’s Grassroots Bookroom bring you on an hour-long walking tour of the neighbourhood, and discover the vibrant history behind this unassuming street just minutes from bustling Chinatown. A family-friendly activity, kids will also get to design their own shophouses using custom hand-carved rubber stamps during a crafting session at Grassroots Bookroom at the end of the walk.

9 March, 5pm - 6.30pm @ Bukit Pasoh. $20. Contact Grassroots Bookroom at 6337 9208 to secure a spot.



Sea the Light Lantern-making Workshop, by Lighting Detectives

Great for:

Everyone — come help give life to the installation!


The Lighting Detectives are back this year with their crowd-favourite installation, Sea the Light! Get the chance to decorate your own lantern, and release it into the dark sea of the alleyway at Bukit Pasoh. Powered by a desire to help cultivate an appreciation for darkness in Singapore’s bright nightscape, the Lighting Detectives want to show you want happens when the sun goes down, and the lanterns get glowing. Contribute your personalised lantern, and watch as disparate bobbles of light come together to form a glowing oasis. This free workshop is family-friendly, and great for all ages.

8 March, Fri, half-hourly slots from 6pm to 9pm @ The alley joining Bukit Pasoh Road and Duxton Plain Park. Free. Register here.

Emma Wong