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 In the days of rickshaws and coolies, at a time when Singapore was a part of the Straits Settlement, clan associations were formed to help fellow immigrants in need — to provide warm meals, to help members find a place to stay at, to connect them with work and training for a better future.

Clans were, and continue to be, an extended family. They’re about finding your people and giving them a leg up. They’re about kinship. About unity. And if you look closely, you’ll see they’re all around us.

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Wandered down Bukit Pasoh Road lately? It’s a quiet, charming street lined with heritage shophouses — beautiful facades; steep, narrow staircases; bars and restaurants dotted against a backdrop of clan associations, shops, and offices. But did you know Bukit Pasoh was once overflowing with earthenware because pots used to be made here? Or that it’s been home to one of Singapore’s oldest millionaire clubs since 1925?

Experience the living history of our street as the tenants of Bukit Pasoh Road open their doors and work with local creative partners to invigorate our neighbourhood for one weekend only!  


We think design should open doors, not shut them. It should be fun, meaningful, relatable! Thoughtful, not stodgy. Accessible, not intimidating. Join us if you like turning the corner and seeing the unexpected, or if you enjoy hands-on, exploratory experiences. Join us if you appreciate learning about the old and seeing it in new light.

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Like clans, we believe in family and community. We champion the values of kinship and unity, and share opportunities when we can. We level the playing field so everyone has a chance to rise to the top. Join our intimate design talks to learn from various veterans and make new friends, or be endlessly inspired by the stories of clans on our street.